About Us

History of the Chaguanas Chamber

The Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC) was established in 1994 and incorporated in September of 1998.


To position CCIC as a "one stop shop" of commercial services for our membership by creating strategic and conduit alliances with Government and NGOs.



To create an efficient business environment to enhance prosperity and commercial success by proactively partnering with governmental and community entities to ensure a powerful and productive economy and continuously add value towards a higher quality of life for our membership.

How We're Helping

The Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce is comprised of businesses and professionals, joining forces to be the voice of the central business community. We offer programs and benefits for the membership to address business needs and interests, with a mission to assist members to connect and to create a vibrant economy across all sectors.
The CCIC is committed to promote, develop and further the well-being of our members. We advocate to represent and protect members’ interests. In this regard, we have carefully analyzed and selected four (4) critical areas affecting businesses and have prudently selected from amongst our membership providers for these essential services. These services are meant to assist you to mitigate the changing legal landscapes which include the FIU and accounting for your wealth, in addition to the following:

Services Offered To Members

Representing Business
• Promotion of the interests of the private sector
• Liaison with Government departments, local and international economic organizations and Embassies/ High Commissions
• Lobbying for members on matters relating to Government policy and regulation
Access to value added programs and incentives in the following areas:
• Club Caribbean “Card Special”: $300 USD
• Financial Services- Madan Ramnarine & Co
• Marketing Services – Paradox Studios TT
• HR/IR Services – HR Technologies Ltd
• Insurance Services – Millennium Insurance Brokers
Business Assistance
• Advocate, influence and implement policy development • Business growth and prosperity
• Professional growth through development and implementation of educational sessions
• Dissemination of resourceful information
• Development of avenues for business opportunities e.g.: Partner with NEDCO, financial institutions (small loans)
• Providing basic advice on financing, marketing and international trade
• Assistance in developing joint venture projects
• Providing access to a wide cross- section of the business community in Chaguanas
• Provide the opportunity to host seminars, workshops on Business, trade and social issues
• Providing basic advice on financing, marketing and international trade
Trade Promotion
• Development of linkages with business and other Chambers of Commerce
• Exposure and promotion of Members’ products and services
• Meeting of members with a foreign trade mission
International and Local Trade Matters
• Providing a forum for discussion and deliberation on matters of mutual interest of members on economic, commercial, or any other relevant and necessary sector that requires Co-operation. And with public/government officials regarding National Issues.
• Disseminate information on local and international business developments and opportunities via communication e.g. Website, Quarterly Newsletter, Memo’s etc

C.C.I.C. Representing the Borough of Chaguanas:

Chaguanas began as an impoverished rural village and its industrious residents came from very humble beginnings and with tremendous sacrifices, hard work, determination, over a long period of time, slowly developed Chaguanas to become what it is today

Chaguanas is the fastest growing, vibrant, commercial capital of the English-speaking Caribbean which comprises of a population of approximately (83,516 at the 2011 census, including approximately (10, 000) businesses, both small and micro-enterprises. We can certainly boast of a community, rich in culture and diversity. The spirit of excellence and industriousness permeates Chaguanas, of which you are part and together we continue to strive for the greatness of our community and country.

Main objectives of the C.C.I.C. are:

To facilitate the growth and development of businesses in Chaguanas and in the country as a whole
To advance the trading, commercial, industrial, professional, agricultural and civic interests of Chaguanas
To collect and disseminate to members and the public information relating to trade, commerce, industry agriculture and manufacturing and related interests
To stimulate, promote and influence industrial development in Chaguanas
Promoting the Image of the Private Sector

Board Of Directors

The main focus of the C.C.I.C. is to represent Chaguanas businessmen on both local and national issues. Whilst this remains the Chamber’s core function, its activities have been expanded by the current Board of Directors to include other areas on interest affecting C.C.I.C. members